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Maria Manoura

Maria Manoura was born on a cold winter day in Athens but she prefers the spring. The chirping of birds reminds her the place she has most loved until now, the village on the base of the enchanting mountain Oiti.
As she was growing up, everyone was telling her to become a doctor as she was good at learning. But her instinct led her to the Faculty of Architecture in the Polytechnic School of Athens. Now she knows that it was the right choice. She learned something invaluable; how to organize chaos and build something from nothing. But it was not enough... The colour was missing.
When she was 24, she realised what Ippokrates had said: “Life is short but art is long” (and later on the Latin “Ars longa, vita brevis”). Probably it was the omen of childhood… That is how she made the decision to try her luck in the department of Drawing in the School of Fine Arts. And the journey started…
She has been illustrating children’s books since 2014. She feels happy and grateful for the infinite worlds she can create from the beginning without a building warrant and with the most expensive raw material; human affect.
Maybe she will write her own books one day, maybe not. Some afternoons she dreams about setting up a toy craft shop. Each toy, she says, will have its own name and its own defect. She feels that beauty is above and beyond a pretty appearance and perfection in creation. That is why she likes free people even when they are besieged. And if you ask her for an emotional word, she will say “Thank you”.
She lives and works in Athens. For the time being…

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