ISBN: 978-960-563-396-7

Συγγραφέας: Rania Lampou
Ηλικία: 5+
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Book series: Young scientists

Something is happening in the Solar System! The planets, one by one,
are leaving the places they had up there, in the sky, to appear on television.
A young reporter with a bright future is inviting them one by one,
and they respond.
The interviews and the shows that are broadcast on television
are unprecedented and unheard of!
The population of the Earth is is experiencing something unique!
The planets are revealing their personality and character.
The rest on your “screen”…

  • Διάσταση: 22 x 22 εκ.
  • Σελίδες: 48
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  • ISBN: 978-960-563-396-7
φώτο συγγραφέα
Rania Lampou

Rania Lampou is a multi-award winning teacher in Primary Education. She participated
successfully in CERN programmes for teaching Particle Physics in Primary Education
and has received forty International Awards for her projects. She is a Global Teacher
Award winner 2020 and in 2019 she was among the fifty best educators in the world,
awarded the Global Teacher Prize (Varkey Foundation) for her action in Physics,
Astronomy and STE(A)M. She is also an Educational Ambassador for Greece of the
Varkey Foundation. In June 2020 she received the Prize “Distinguished Educator 2020”
in the Greek competition “Education Leaders Awards 2020”. She got honorary distinctions
from the Greek Astronomy and Space Company (Annex of Salamis) and from the
Greek Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation for her educational
work. She has created and orchestrated five international projects based on the
UN Agenda 2030. She has taken part in numerous international conferences, seminars
and has published work. Apart from all the above, what she values most in life is science
and offering it to the children, especially the young ones in Primary School classes.